Person pushing a patient in a wheelchair

Service Levels

A range of service levels to meet individual neeeds.


Level one care includes everything the older adult who is still independent, but requires assistance needs. Our level one package will help your loved one with some of their activities of daily living, while still providing room for them to continue their independent lifestyles. Our group messages with your caregiving team will help keep you up to date with everything going on with your loved one!


Our second level of care is intended for those who need more assistance than level one, but not total care. This level includes assistance such as complete preparation of meals and feeding, as well as more hands on care in dressing and ambulating. As with all of our packages, your family will have access to updates and messaging with our complete caregiving team, including our owner!


Our total care package is intended for those who can no longer perform most of their daily living activities. Level three includes total assistance bathing, dressing, and doing everything else your loved one requires. For those who may be unable to ambulate, each of our caregivers are trained in best practices in prevention of pressure sores.